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God got my attention

I grew up in a non-Christian family. I was taught about Jesus in school

but I never saw the need for him to be personally involved in my life.


It wasn’t until I was married and our young children started attending the boys’ and girls’ brigade that

Christianity was lightly reintroduced. Through these organisations I would occasionally attend church services. But still for years my marriage and my family was where I placed my security, my happiness.

Years later my eldest son and daughter began to take Christianity more seriously.  I did become curious as to what they saw in Jesus, and at times spoke with them about their faith but I still took no further steps.

The turning point for me came through music. I found myself playing a CD belonging to my son, by a Christian artist called Stuart Townend. Even though he was singing about things I didn’t fully comprehend I was drawn to the words and I began to play it a lot. God had got my attention. I wanted to know more about Jesus – I was ready to start listening.

I began to see that I, like everyone else, was a sinner before God and in need of being saved. I had realised the need for Jesus in my life. In February 2005 I asked Jesus to come into my life. I began attending church and reading the Bible. Progress was slow but steady.

12 years have now passed since I asked Christ to come in to my life. In that time there have been challenges and blessings. I am a work in progress and continue to learn from both. Today my marriage is still important and I love my family dearly; but at the centre of everything is Jesus Christ – my Lord and Saviour. He died so that I might live and to him I owe my life.

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