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Like a stained glass window


I have been chronically ill for about 8 years with muscular pain, chronic fatigue and constant abdominal pain. This ‘invisible illness’ is strange: anyone who doesn't know me well would see me

as 'normal and healthy’, but life is very limited. I can’t get out much, I have to take a lot of medication, and I can only eat fruit and yoghurt. This may sound very bleak – and if I left God out

of the story, it would be!


God is amazing. He saved a sinner like me and is transforming me bit by bit. I may look broken (like a smashed glass) but I know that God is putting my broken life together to be more like Him (a stained glass window). I have no idea what my future holds, but I do know that God is always with me! 


Every day I give thanks for being alive. Life is far from sad - God always gives me daily strength for what I need. He never leaves or forsakes me. When all I can do is be in bed, God hears my quiet prayers. He is my biggest joy!


My journey to contentment has not been easy or straightforward. I was angry, frustrated and impatient – but I learned this made life unbearable. We live in a broken world, and Christians aren't exempt from that. However, every Christian has a promise: when Jesus returns, every tear will be wiped away, and there will be no more pain or suffering. This is the hope I stand on, what I treasure and look forward to. This life is but for a fleeting moment, and by God's grace I have learned to be content. The suffering, pain and limitations are still there; but God is by my side, always and forever.

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