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our leaders

We are led by a team of two elders and three deacons:


Luke Jenner (full time) and Andrew Binns

To contact the elders, email

or call 01422 348550 (Luke)


David Bownas

Simon Partington

Iulian Anghelache





Luke trusted in Jesus Christ for the first time when he was 12 years old, after hearing the life story of a former terrorist from Northern Ireland who had become a Christian in prison. Having grown up just north of London, Luke left home at 18 to study biochemistry at university in Aberystwyth, Wales, with the intention of pursuing a career in medical research. 


However, while he was there he felt increasingly certain that God was actually directing him towards pastoral ministry as the right path for the next part of his life. With the guidance and help of his church, he went on to train at London Seminary in Finchley, before taking up a position in Welwyn in Hertfordshire as an assistant pastor. While he was there, in 2009, he met his wife Miriam, and they were married in 2010. That year also saw him move from Welwyn to take up the role of pastor here at Grace Baptist Halifax. They have been here ever since, and during that time have been blessed with three daughters - Amelie, Darcey and Talitha.


Luke loves the Lord Jesus Christ, first and foremost. He loves Christ's people - the local church; Christ's Word - the Bible, which he delights in studying and teaching week in, week out; and he loves Christ's gifts to him - especially his family and friends, the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, watching cricket or rugby (union, sorry!) and music of all kinds. He plays the piano to relax (if his girls allow him!), and is just waiting for the day when those girls are old enough to climb the Lake District fells with him.

Andrew Binns was born in Halifax and has been a Christian since his mid-teens. He is married to Zonia; they have two grown-up children and two grandchildren.  


He has been a member of Grace Baptist Church since 1986. His ministry as an elder includes caring for the members, preaching, teaching and evangelism.


For most of his life he has supported his local football team, Halifax Town. He also enjoys music, reading, photography, walking, and meeting up for conversation and coffee!

Find out how and why I became a Christian on the following link.

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