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The Virgin Birth

The Virgin Birth stands at the doorway of the New Testament: God's revelation of his miraculous entrance into the world. This series approaches this tremendous event as it is presented to us in the gospels, explored in historic Christian theology, and revealed as the fulfilment of the Old Testament hope.
1. The invasion of God 
(Matthew 1:18-25;  Luke 1:26-38)
Sunday morning 22.12.19 - Luke Jenner
2. More than a shibboleth: A Doctrinal Overview
(John 1:1-18; Galatians 3:23-4:7)
Sunday evening 22.12.19 - Luke Jenner
3. The Fulfilment of the Scriptures (Isaiah 7:14 and other texts)
Sunday evening 29.12.19 - Luke Jenner
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