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Our life stories


All of us at Grace Baptist Church are different and we all have different stories of how we became Christians. However, we all have something in common: Jesus Christ has changed our lives. You can read some of our stories on the following pages.

Am I a good person? I don't think so

David B orig.jpg
Mark photo.jpg

Something better than believing in God

Something better than believing in God


Football was my first love!

Iulian photo 1.JPG

He gave me my life back

Gani photo.jpg

I didn't know I was lost

Roger photo.jpg
David Dube 2.jpg

An 'old sinner' - accepted by God

From 'living the life' to living for Jesus

Nick (1).jpg

Not how I remembered it

Katy photo.jpg

Like a stained glass window

Angela photo.png

God got my attention

Susie photo.jpg

Finding a true friend



Marian photo.JPG

"Put my tears into your bottle"

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I became a Christian in 2016

Zonia's photo.JPG

God has been with me in


Peter (1).png

Would I burst into flames?

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